About Us

Glitzy Nangai is a small scale brand which focuses on “curated swank amid heritage” as per promised tagline, it stands by , handpicking our own Indian craftsmanship products, designs and weaves by our artisans then curating it with style and sense of fashion, giving it contemporary dazzling stylish touch to make our customers delightful. Also we promise that to create unique varieties with limited stocks so that you wont come across “a dressed alike or uniformity of clothing with your strangers”, we try to limit our production per design to make our customers feel special, as such of a luxury designer wear but within less  budget, we at Glitzy Nangai try to bring tiny modifications or changes in each clothes, from the same fabric. All our products have been named with quirky Names embracing our love for Tamil language,  Our Vision is celebrating our Indian Products and spreading our rich heritage and bring all that we love to customers around the world and support our artisans and entrepreneurs. Glitzy Nangai brand is brain child of Arthi D Mukesh, a mompreneur , outfit -ophile and clothing enthusiast. Hope you love our curate love for you, Happy Shopping.